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Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom Kitchen & laundry renovation including cabinets/hardware, countertop & plumbing sales and installation.

Client Comments:

Owner is experienced in custom cabinetry and was very helpful w/design of kitchen. Design was worked up quickly and price was reasonable. Owner was flexible throughout renovation. Work was completed w/in quoted timeframe and quality of workmanship was very good. Subcontractors for plumbing and countertop installation were prompt and professional.

Patricia Whelan

Kitchen "Make-Over"

We are delighted with the "make-over" of our "out-dated" kitchen. The cabinets are well constructed and make a beautiful appearance. We were very pleased with Doug and Al's workmanship and the timely manner of the completion and transformation of the floor, cabinets and countertops.

We would recommend Complete Kitchens & More to our family and friends.

Pat & Pat Possident of Reisterstown, MD.


We Proudly Offer:

• Kitchen Design • Kitchen Remodel • Custom Cabinetry • Residential • Commercial

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Custom cabinetry; any style, any finish, out of any wood species. Kitchen cabinetry, entertainment centers, desks, bookcases, mantles, bars and etc.

4 lines of cabinets: custom, semi-custom, framed, frameless, and inset, huge selection of color and door styles 4 - 5 weeks availability.

A semi-custom line that sells at a very attractive price point with all the latest features everybody wants with in 3 - 4 weeks availability.

A well-known brand of stock cabinets with 3 weeks availability.

Basic cabinets suitable for rentals, apartments, etc. Available in a few days.



Ø Subtle grain pattern
Ø Smooth uniform appearance
Ø “Density” could absorb and vary in inconsistent stain appearance within same area
Ø May include dots or mineral streaks which enhance stain


Ø Cherry darkens/ripens naturally with age of the cabinetry
Ø Color ranged from light wood to deep brown wood within a panel


Ø Dramatic, strong grain pattern
Ø Color ranges from blonde to dark brown
Ø Natural beauty enhanced by random worn holes and knots


Ø Very strong, open grain pattern
Ø Color may vary from salmon red to dark cinnamon with a panel
Ø Mineral deposits add color accents of green, yellow or black
Ø May include random worm holes, knots and wild-grain patterns


Ø Hairline cracks may appear at the joints due to natural wood movement with seasonal changes in humidity. (Joint crack will be especially noticeable on mitered doors) Mitered doors are NOT recommended with paint finishes for this reason and should be used with caution in high humidity regions.


Ø All wood species will change in color with age and exposure to sunlight, heat and other elements.
Ø Some species are more susceptible to mellowing than others.
Ø CHERRY will significantly darken as it ages
Ø New cabinetry will be noticeably lighter in color than displays and aged samples, but will eventually mellow
Ø Maple will darken and slightly yellow as it ages


Our contractor can expertly install all our cabinets plus any related work including tiling, lighting, windows, doors, wall removal, sheetrock, and painting, .