Decora Cabinetry

Selection of Decora cabinetry

True beauty, however, is more than skin deep. True beauty – true luxury – is about more than a first impression. It’s about balance…where that which delights the eye also satisfies the mind. Decorá has given the definition of beauty new depth with a line of premium quality, totally customizable organization accessories.

Cabinet styles available: Augusta Thermofoil, Avalon Cherry, Harmony, Cambridge, Rivington, Plaza, Hawthrone,
Leyden, Avignon, Treyburn, Girard, Lexington, Marquis, Prescott, Buffet, Modesto, Airedale, Willshire

If you would like to know more about Decora’ Cabinetry please go here to their website.

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Caldera   Leyden   Cambridge  

Willshire  Plaza  Prescott

Cabinet styles available: Marquis, Toulan, Treyburn, Huchenson, Modesto, Plaza, Braydon, Verona, Davenport


Harmony    Toulan    Marquis



Blum Aventos Lift System    Electrical equipment Charger drawer    Microwave 24 Cabinet drawer   

Wood Refrigator Panels    Utility Cabinet    Wood hood cover

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